Red Cross for Kids

Committee Co-Chairs: 
Nick Ashur,
Radhika Patel,
Joanne Soo,

The Red Cross for Kids Committee is dedicated to providing a wide range of health and safety-related community service projects to children in the Durham community. Our main initiatives is the First Aid for Children Today (FACT) program, where we teach basic first aid and safety skills at schools and community centers in Durham. These programs aim at providing fundamental and essential knowledge in a fun and interactive setting. Besides our primary initiatives, we also complete other projects. For instance, in the past, we have worked with the Emergency Services committee to intimate a Toy and Book Drive for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. We have also done activities with children and their families at the Durham Ronald McDonald House.  Currently, we are working with Durham Public Schools to increase the reach of our programming, and introducing first aid kits in our lessons to better ensure their practicality.

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