Health and Safety

Committee Co-Chairs:
Jenny Zhao,
Jozsef Bordas,
Nikita Patel,

The mission of the Health and Safety Services committee is to promote health awareness to the Duke and Durham communities and to address serious health and/or safety issues that may arise. In our effort to realize this vision, we strive to educate the public and provide them with the appropriate skill set to respond properly to emergencies and potentially help save lives. Visit our Facebook page!

Want to be more involved? 
We are now accepting Instructor applications. Click here to access the application and print to fill out.  I would recommend copying and pasting to a word document.   

CPR and First Aid Training
The main project for this section of Duke Red Cross is to provide CPR and First Aid training to students as well as Durham workers. Students in this committee have the opportunity to enroll in a CPR/First Aid instructor training course which certifies them to teach certification classes of their own. Utilizing this our committee aims to offer such certification classes at an affordable price to workers in the Durham community who would otherwise not be able to afford such a class and who could greatly benefit (i.e. increased job offers) through this certification. In addition this training is employed to promote CPR/First-Aid training abroad and a program is being established to offer after-school CPR training to high school students.