Disaster Relief and Preparedness

Committee Co-Chairs:
Emily Harris (exec), emily.m.harris@gmail.com
Mandy Jiang, ruiqi.jiang@duke.edu
Stephen Ghazikhanian, Stephen.ghazikhanian@duke.edu

Committee Membership Applications (due September 29, 2013!) here.

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Disaster Relief and Preparedness Committee is to provide aide to victims of both manmade and natural disasters throughout the US in addition providing people with tools to prepare for such calamities. We believe that providing such assistance is of the utmost importance, because our efforts help to provide for simple needs, like clothing, food, and shelter, for victims who have lost everything to disaster. This past year, the committee successfully fundraised for victims of Hurricane Sandy through bake sales and a benefit concert.

This year the committee aims to continue work with the larger Red Cross to provide services for Hurricane Sandy victims that will assist them and their families in resuming their normally daily activities. Furthermore, we plan and providing members of our local community with the information, tools, and skills necessary to be ready for all potential natural disasters. We are always accepting of volunteers who wish to pursue an active role in helping our community and nation proactively deal with disasters. 

Stephen Ghazikhanian
Email: Stephen.ghazikhanian@duke.edu
Major: Neuroscience BS
Minor: Linguistics
Other Activities: CHANCE tutor, SMART volunteer, Red Cross for Kids volunteer, Duke Relay for Life, Research with the Pain Prevention and Treatment
Post-Graduation Goal: MD
I am looking forward to a fun and successful year for our committee, as we conquer new fundraising goals and spread more awareness about being both disaster relief and preparedness.

Mandy Jiang
Email: ruiqi.jiang@duke.edu
Major: Econ & Maths
Certificate: AMI
Other Activities: Duke Business Society, Business- Oriented Women, Freewater Productions
Last year's Hurricane Sandy reminds us that unthinkable really can happen, but we can all do our best to get our homes, schools and societies ready. I am hoping that, this year, more and more people can join in our efforts of raising campus-wide awareness about disaster relief and preparedness.