About Us

The American Red Cross of Duke University is an organization consisting primarily of undergraduate students at Duke University.  We hope to promote the ideals of the American Red Cross through volunteer efforts on campus, in the local community, and internationally. We are always looking to grow and expand. We welcome any questions and feedback you have.

Fall 2015 - Spring 2016
Co-Presidents: Tim Bai and 

Spenser Easterbrook - co2017 - Philosophy and Mathematics

Vice President of Biomedical Services:  
Mounika Pogula - co2018 - Global Health and Environmental Science

Vice President of Service and Events:  
Syed Adil - co2016 - Neuroscience, Biology, Chemistry

Vice President of Communications and Marketing:  
Michael Hu - co2016 - Biology and Global Health

Vice President of Preparedness and Safety: 
Lilly Gu - co2018 - Biology

Joshua Neal - co2017 - Biology

Tyler Halpern - co2018 - Economics and Psychology
Executive Co-Chair for Services and Events:
Ashley Han - co2019 - Biology and Global Health

Namratha Atluri - co2019 - Neuroscience and Public Policy

Advisor: Suzanne Wasiolek

Contact us at redcrossduke@gmail.com
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